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Breath.Am : The Performance & The Concert

Breath.Am : The Concert

Breath.am is a set of 3 public performances willing to create a database based on different dialogues about the Armenian oral tradition.

The table theoretically hosts 6 participants who can be relayed by any person present in the exhibition throughout the happening.
A Tamada* is selected at each happening to play the role of mediator (in order to fuel the conversation regarding different topics).

The public is invited to have drinks and food. While participants ingest substances that would influence their behavior, data linked on breath (alcohol and voice) and movement (vibrations) are captured. The environment is processing responses depending on the state of each participant.

Is the installation becoming a spectator or participant, to the point of becoming a constraint or stimulation ?

The exhibition space is transformed into a laboratory that oscillates between research and participative work in progress.

A performative installation by Brice AMMAR-KHODJA & VH Sound [Vardan Harutyunyan]

Music on the concert :
Alexander Hakobyan

This project was made with the support of Atelier Mondial and KulturDialog Armenien residency program.